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Ghost City Press; Summer Series 2022 Micro-Chapbook

This collection includes poetry and embroidery about making the decision of leaving a cult in favor of the outside world

Extra Bold


Lucinda Sato navigates through a lifetime of hardships, questions of her identity, and love with boldness

Dear Isamu Noguchi

Mixed Asian Media

What I like about you is that you walked/into Poston Prison and said I know/what this place needs: a playground,

Everybody Loves a Good Wheel of Fortune Story

Yes Poetry

We who are free/and reduced lunch poor./We who are more/America than motherland.

Reversed Moon & Möbius Strip
I Got Out & The Phoenix Project
Ghost Marriage and other poems 

NAILED Magazine

I think seventeen is too young to//marry//die

I is a Jacob-Child & True God’s Day

Shrapnel Magazine

i/think vertically but am still dis/connected from the body


Hooligan Mag

lines that whisper my past, my future/Astronomy of the skin

Negative Space 

The Curator

do you still hold/guilt?/I have/three eyes:

why did you leave

Ghost City Review

This time Lil Wayne advised me to stop it.

do you have origins in the orient, A Dream Achieved


Möbius Strip and other poems
Ricepaper Magazine

Until I was a mother my life was a blank/sheet of paper waiting to be shaped.

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